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 Eyelash Extensions
  Lash extensions (Classic): $120 Russian Doll: $140 & Up Touch up in 3 weeks: $55 & up
Eyelash extensions are perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions. They are semi-permanent and made from synthetic fibers . Each lash is applied one by one to your own natural lashes. With proper care and touchup visits they can last a very long time. Normally a person's natural eyelash falls out every 60 - 90 days and a new lash grows in immediately. Therefore, it is necessary to get touch-ups to fill in the fallen lashes. About every 2 weeks is recommended, however, this will vary from person to person. Your natural lash cycle as well as how you take care of your lashes will affect how long they last. 
Semi-permanent eyelash extensions will give you longer, thicker and very natural looking eyelashes. They look so natural no one will know they are not yours!
Permanent Eyelash Extensions are single strands of synthetic lashes that are applied one to your own natural lashes. Each synthetic strand is tapered at the tip with a thick base and curled to replicate a natural lash. The Stylist meticulously and delicately attach one lash extension to one natural lash at a time for a total of 60 to 120 lash extensions per eye.

The procedure typically takes anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours, depending on the expertise of the lash stylist and the number of lashes being applied per eye. Clients are comfortably reclined on an esthetic bed or massage table with their eyes closed, and lower lashes are covered to prevent the top lashes from adhering to the bottom lashes. The procedure is often referred to as “Beauty Sleep” as it is non-invasive, painless and so relaxing that clients typically fall asleep then awaken to lush, beautiful lashes.
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